In this day and age more people are looking to get a Federal Firearms License, or FFL, before all of the laws are changed by Washington.  An FFL allows an individual or business to buy, sell, or manufacture firearms in the United States.  This can be for the purpose of business or merely as a hobby.

Now the 2nd Amendment gives United States citizens the right to keep and bear arms.  However, that does not apply across the board to the manufacturing, selling, or buying of certain firearms, thus the FFL.  Not just anybody can buy and sell firearms, particularly from manufacturers at wholesale (discount) prices.  You must go through the process of applying for a federal firearms license. A person qualifies to apply for an FFL if he/she:

  • Is at least 21 years old
  • Is not a convicted felon or otherwise prohibited from using firearms
  • Has not previously violated the Gun Control Act
  • Has a legitimate place to set up a business
  • Abides by all applicable business laws

So once someone knows they are eligible to apply for an FFL, what then?  Then they must fill out the application.  The federal firearms license application is provided by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATF for short) in Washington, D.C.   While the application isn’t hard, like most government forms it is filled with tons of legal jargon which can be intimidating.  It is important to know what you are filling out and to be sure you are filling it out completely and accurately or else you may not be successful in obtaining your license and you may end up costing yourself a lot of money.

As with most applications and forms from the government, applying for an FFL is not free.  The fees are based upon how you intend to use the license.  Here is the current fees table:

Licensee                Application           Renewal

Manufacturer               $150              $150
Importer                       $150               $150
Pawnbroker                $200               $90
Dealer                          $200               $90
Collector                      $30                 $30

Over the years it has become more difficult and cumbersome to obtain a federal firearms license. When applying for a federal firearms license you must be aware of these complexities or your application will be denied.  There are many lawmakers that would love to stop the selling of guns to the public altogether.  So it is quite feasible that applying for an FFL will become even more difficult as more and more anti-gun politicians come into office.  If you are looking to get an FFL, now is the time to do so for that very reason.  To Learn How to Apply for your Federal Firearms License click here!